Interning at ConfigWise

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Company details

Industry Automatisering en ICT
City Capelle aan den IJssel

About ConfigWise

ConfigWise B.V. is a Dutch company that has developed an advanced business platform that enables digital, design-intensive or product-customization-centric models, such as furniture retailers, cabinet designers, homeware and décor, webshops, and fashion retailers, to offer their customers a unique, engaging, and interactive experience through AR technology. ConfigWise.IO is an innovative platform that enables software developers and businesses to integrate their entire business chain to provide a cohesive, automated, and interactive experience. The ConfigWise.IO platform brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and their retailers to the front of the business model, enabling customers to take advantage of AR technology to engage with retailers in a completely different way. We are empowering organizations with Customer Service 2.0, where customers and sales reps/customer reps can engage, interact, and share AR screens to discuss and personalize a product.

Internships at ConfigWise

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