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The World is Your Stage is a collective name for handmade jewelry, vintage & 2nd hand clothing, Handpicked and customized/handmade items.

It's a statement for being yourself in this world.

I started making jewelry in 2013, an immediately felt connected to the creative process, the beauty of putting your own postive energy in an item and make other people happy with it. That's why I started to combine the jewelry with healing stones.

I had to quit my jewelry for a while because I was to busy with my career as a singer/performer in The Netherlands and couldn't combine it anymore although it was quite succesfull and I made many people happy with a piece of handmade jewelry at the time.

Now, in 2021 I had to quit my singing for a while because of the Corona situation in the world. I couldn't perform anywhere anymore, and suddnely all my income was cut off. Instead of panicking I decided to pick up my jewelry again. Of course you need money to buy material so I decided to sell my whole wardrobe on Vinted and Instagram and that became a very succesfull platform online! In no time I had a little money to invest in new materials for my jewelry and started selling on instagram again. Then I decided to set up an official webshop so I could gave my customers a real online shop :)

In the mean time my love for selling 2nd hand clothes was growing, and more inspiration came to me.

I went to thriftshops and vintage markets and discovered a whole new world for myself and for others! I always loved vintage clothing and clothing with a story, but I also bought a lot of new clothing. I decided to stop buying new clothing and started handpicking for myself but soon also for others.

That's when I decided to sell also vintage & 2nd hand online.

It is more unique, cheaper, clothing with amazing stories AND it's better for the planet!

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