Interning at Femoscout

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Company details

Industry Sport / Recreatie
City Amsterdam

About Femoscout

Femoscouting is the Scouting & Recruitment Agency a subsidiary of Femo federation established in the Netherlands.
Femoscouting focuses on marketing and intermediating of Semi-professional & proffesional football players indentified from football academies and amateur football teams all
over the world and from all age groups and channeling them to European ,UK, US, Asia and the Gulf Super League clubs to match their criteria and demands to stay competitive in their various championships.
It was founded in 2018 ,and officially established in 2019.
Our objective is to facilitate contact between football job employers and joung talented Semi & proffessional talents so that they can collaborate on new projects and close contracting agreements.
We are passionate about football and new technologies, that is why we believe that we can help all professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs to get the job they are looking for.

Internships at Femoscout

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