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Company details

Industry Horeca en toerisme en reizen
City Amsterdam

About Mobypark

Mobypark opens up private car parks to the public in cities and airports around Europe. Mobypark helps hotels, multi-tenant offices, real estate owners, and individuals to get the most out of their car park. Drivers book parkings on Mobypark to save time, money, and stress. The effect is less traffic jams, emissions, and cars parked on the street.

Multi-tenant offices frequently experience issues of parking lot misuse, access permissions, and complex parking lot administration.
Mobypark's parking management system for businesses eliminates these issues by:
- registering all users in a parking management and access system (including visitors)
- allowing different means of access (e.g. pin code, mobile phone, license plate reader)
- automatic monthly invoicing of parking users
- allowing the sharing of the parking space with surrounding buildings in the case that they have a fully booked parking space (and vice versa)
- making use of the unoccupied parking spaces by renting them out to drivers to generate extra revenue
- eliminates manual administrative work, saving time and money

Mobypark's core is an unique platform on which private parking owners can rent out their parking spaces. These can include individuals who own a parking space, but simply don't use it all the time, hotels that have spare parking spaces, office buildings, and more. The Mobypark platform opens up private parking spaces to the public, maximising existing parking spaces and eliminating the need to build new ones.

The Mobypark platform allows drivers to:
- See real-time availability of nearby parking spots
- Reserve a parking spot in advance (ideal for vacations/trips/post Corona society)
- Save money
- Have a happy parking experience

A rating system for both drivers and parking owners ensures a total transparency regarding all car parks and incentivises the provision of high-quality customer interactions and experiences continuously.

Internships at Mobypark

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