Interning at CRF International Holding B.V. (Top Employer Institute)

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Company details

Industry Overige
Company size Medium (50-249)
City Amsterdam

About CRF International Holding B.V. (Top Employer Institute)

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. We help accelerate these practices to enrich the world of work.
We passionately believe in the importance of treating employees well and helping them to develop personally and professionally. Our annual programme certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people, globally.
We conduct research into the Human Resources environment of participating companies, and only employers that achieve the required level will qualify for certification as Top Employers and reap the associated employer brand reinforcement.
Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has recognised Top Employers around the world since 1991.
We build strong relationships with the global HR community, we are proud of what we do, and we are passionate about improving HR around the world. Currently, we have nearly 2000 certified organisations in more than 120 countries, impacting more than 8m employees.
We are a young fast-growing global company, with a loyal client base and very promising growth perspectives for the coming years. We are made up of dynamic, multicultural, and passionate people, with open and accessible leadership.

Internships at CRF International Holding B.V. (Top Employer Institute)

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