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Branche Detailhandel / Groothandel / Import-Export
Stad Weesp

Over Grown

Grown is a green startup, manufacturing easy-to-use grow units for your home.

‘Can you pass the cress please?’ Imagine if cress and fresh herbs were as essential to your kitchen as salt and pepper. Grown CEO Toon Roozen is the product designer and entrepreneur trying to make growing edible greens as easy and accessible as possible.

Obviously growing your own herbs is a fun thing to do. The Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn released these grow-your-own-vegetable-garden-kits which were really popular for a while. But they’re a lot of effort; they cost time, they’re messy and you don’t always get reliable results. We try and create that satisfying feeling of growing something of good quality every time. Our products also help people adopt a more healthy lifestyle. When you always have fresh herbs at your disposal, you’ll be motivated to use them with other healthy ingredients. I mean - you’re not going to put cress on your fries! You’ll be encouraged to make, say, a healthy salad. It really affects people’s eating habits in a positive way.

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