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Branche Marketing, reclame & communicatie
Stad Vught


New kid on the block: SNOTYOUNG

SNOTYOUNG is a newly launched streetwear label for men. The first batch consists of indispensable basics in surprising color-ways, but the philosophy consists of much more.

Snotyoung requests a younger generation to follow her dreams.

The founders of the brand are a bunch of young creatives who decided to join forces. They had the urge to unite and to express a shared ideology. Without any relevant experience in the fashion industry, but with one goal in common, they started their adventure.

They want to distinguish themselves from the mass by creating a courageous movement.

When you take a look at the basic pieces - the line consists of T-shirts and sweaters, you immediately feel there’s a bigger picture. A call to a generation to have the courage to step off the beaten path. To dream and go their own way. Snotyoung is the extension of a movement that style wise feels as a combination of cool, sex and urban.

When you wear a Snotyoung garment, you’re making a statement.

Streetwear label Snotyoung is that disobedient new boy next door that immediately wins your heart by his sincerity and enthusiasm.

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