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Branche Automatisering en ICT
Bedrijfsomvang Middelgroot (50-249)
Stad Amsterdam

Over Emakina.NL

Smart is the new Cool
Sure, we’ve got the toys. And the cupcakes. And the awkwardly comfortable chill-out furniture. But that’s just our office. It’s not who we are. We’re not that kind of cool.

We prefer our smart, ego-free colleagues over a foamy latte any day of the week.

but don’t worry…
We pretend to know a lot about coffee
We play retro video games and look into the camera
We smile at healthy snacks
We grow beards and point at sticky notes

Emakina is a digital agency for brands and employees with big ambitions.
We are coders and creatives – and project managers who speak their language.
We solve big problems in small teams, so you always make a difference.
We hire old pros and up-and-comers, so we learn from each other.
We manage it all with precision, because your time is yours.
And we refuse to take ourselves too seriously.

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