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Over Blue Umbrella

Tax Administration Support
Blue Umbrella provides personal and business tax administration support for internationals in The Netherlands. For individual clients we prepare and file for Dutch allowances and income tax returns. On your behalf, Blue Umbrella maintains contact with the Dutch Tax Office to ensure that you stay tax compliant throughout the year and beyond. For business clients, Blue Umbrella prepares business tax administration, such as sales tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, and accounting support.

How we work
Blue Umbrella employs a subscription based service model. You pay a fixed monthly subscription fee, which gives you unlimited access to our resources. No additional cost for extra hours will be invoiced. All our services are in plain English.

Online tools
As a member of the Blue Umbrella network, you’ll get access to a wealth of online tools to help you keep oversight of your personal or business tax administration. Our online tools allows you to make adjustments to your administration, whenever and wherever you like.

Established tax advisor for the international community in The Netherlands
Blue Umbrella has over 10 years of experience serving the international community in the Netherlands. Over these years, we have grown into the largest tax advisory business for internationals in the Netherlands.

Our Mission
Blue Umbrella’s mission is to offer the international community in the Netherlands a reliable, accurate and affordable support platform for Dutch tax matters. Our services are designed to help internationals navigate the Dutch tax system with ease and confidence. We provide information, support and tools to help internationals handle various Dutch tax requirements, such as filing income tax, sales tax, international sales tax, payroll tax and corporate tax. Blue Umbrella positioned itself as the English language interface between the international individual or business and the Dutch Tax Office.

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