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Branche Overige
Bedrijfsomvang Klein (10-49)
Stad Amsterdam

Over WOO | Worlds of Opportunities

WOO is a deep luxury lifestyle brand. We connect, we share, we innovate to create unique products that not only enhance your home and lifestyle, but also improve the quality of life for everyone involved in their creation. Since launching in 2012 we have made it our mission to bring leading experts from the worlds of luxury, design and product development together with artisans, farmers, and producers from developing nations. The result is an amazing collection of high-end products from perfumes, body & home care products to fashion accessories.

The way we produce is unique. WOO products are sourced and co-created by artisans, farmers and local communities in Vietnam. All our products are handcrafted, made of natural resources, using time-honoured techniques and know-how and therefore they benefit everybody in the WOO value chain.

Top quality, top design, authenticity, sustainability, empowerment and education are the key concepts of WOO. WOO is not a charity, instead WOO wants to discover, develop & share strength and empower people.

A WOO product not only contributes to the innovative, sustainable and social WOO approach but it becomes part of a movement.

WOO CARES. Join us!

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