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Branche Non-profit
Bedrijfsomvang Middelgroot (50-249)

Over PharmAccess Foundation

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to affordable access to quality health care in Africa, by stimulating investments through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions. This group of non-profit organizations has a shared goal, working towards achieving inclusive health care for Africa.

Many African governments struggle to meet the demand for health care of their populations. Population growth and the rise of non-communicable diseases are increasing the burden placed on their health systems even further. As public healthcare providers are often few and far between, overcrowded, understaffed and poorly stocked, many people pay out-of-pocket for health care at private clinics whose quality also leaves much to be desired. The fact that health insurance remains out of reach for most people means that, when they are injured or become ill, they can become trapped in a downward spiral of lost income paired with high and unexpected healthcare costs. Also, without solid institutions and proper standards, there is no way to ensure the quality of health care services. These shortcomings of the health system come at a price - for the individuals, but also for their communities and even their countries. After all, healthy populations are a major driver of economic growth.

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