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Are you the sales intern we are looking for? Join our scale up ride!

Functie sales intern
Opleidingsniveau HBO Associate Degree, HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master, WO-Bachelor, WO-Master
Locatie Utrecht
Uren per week 32 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Stageduur 3 - 12 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage , Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding € 300
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dit bedrijf believes that valuable memories deserve to be captured in high quality. It’s our mission to achieve that on a global scale for everyone, everywhere. We are the world’s first on the spot photography marketplace that brings photographers and consumers together at tourist hotspots and other leisure locations. Imagine worldwide all those beautiful places where memories are created like museums, sports stadiums, concert halls, beach clubs, bars, theme parks and zoos. dit bedrijf is globally one of the most ambitious and fastest growing scaleups to achieve international scale in lightning speed. Think about how Uber revolutionized taxi travel - that’s what dit bedrijf is about to do for photography. We are already live in France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Singapore - we’re going global - join us now. So let’s go!


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As our Business Development / Sales Intern or other role, you are in the eye of our growth hurricane. Together with your fellow sales colleagues and other online marketeers, you find creative ways together to accomplish hyper-growth. Together with our Business Development team, you will team up to recruit venues worldwide. And together with the Business Development team you will generate leads for the leading venues around the world. And together with other marketeers you will create stunning online content and sales material.

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