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Downlink message construction automation

Functie Programmeur
Opleidingsniveau HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master, WO-Bachelor
Locatie Horst
Uren per week 20 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Stageduur 3 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage , Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding € 350 - 450
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Background information

The Tracker is a highly configurable device which can send rich (raw) sensor data. Trackers have many sensors (button, light, accelerometer, GPS, WiFi, BLE etc.), each of which having its own data formats and configuration options. The flexibility comes at the cost of complexity. Additionally, as every extra byte communicated results in less battery lifetime, Tracker created its proprietary protocol for LoRaWAN bi-directional communication with the ioTracker devices, primarily aimed at reducing protocol overhead to the max. This resulted in a 75+ page protocol specification document, describing the extremely compact message formats, as to be used to encode/decode the messages from and to the ioTracker devices. This protocol is used for encoding/decoding sensor data from the ioTracker to the backend ("uplink" messages), and for encoding/decoding messages to control or reconfigure the ioTracker ("downlink" messages).

Problem definition

However, constructing a downlink message to control or reconfigure the Tracker is a manual, time-consuming, error-prone activity. It requires an Tracker employee to:


Research description

We need to automate this process, so we would like you to

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For more details, check our website at or reach out to Bert at bert.tilmans@dit

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