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International Business Development Coördinator internship in Utrecht

Functie International Business Development Coordinator
Opleidingsniveau MBO niveau 4, HBO Associate Degree, HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master, WO-Bachelor, WO-Master
Locatie Utrecht
Uren per week 24 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Stageduur 5 - 12 maanden
Stagesoorten Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding In overleg
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We are looking for a new member to join our sales team in our office Utrecht.

You have to be a self-starter with a desire to grow. We will train you well, but we want someone with initiative and drive - come up with new ideas, work hard.

You will learn the in and outs of todays new business technology like Shopify, Amazon, Bol, Exact, QBO, Cloudsend and many more.


What would you do weekly?

Outreach to Stores

We work with world-renowned stores like:

You will research, contact, and establish relationships with the trendiest décor stores in your market.  Selling in our industry it’s different than in other industries.  It’s not about pushing the product is about showing the product that matches the store and showing it at the right time.  We are based on relationship selling.  


Every two weeks you will check inventory on both markets USA/Holland and develop a marketing email to be used for all territories.  This email will show current or new items and highlight one of the collections that are in stock.

Inventory Update

Every Monday, you will log in to both warehouses’ websites.  Download the inventory and update the rest of the sales team.  You will also update selected third-party vendors' sites to make sure it is all UpToDate and we do not sell items that are out of stock.   This includes Faire, The Cool Republic, Bol, and others.

SEO +Online Sales

Give an update to Amazon,, and other online sales avenues.  You will learn how to research the current hot keywords, new keywords and apply them to make the products easier to find and be at the top of the list.


On top of learning how to optimize Amazon listing, you will also learn how to create new items on Amazon, send inventory to FBA and handle customer requests on Amazon.  This knowledge will teach you how to start a business on amazon and how to make it successful.

Customer Service

There’s a factor of customer service for all companies.  You will handle emails and calls from clients, see their specific needs, and resolute the matter in a positive way.


Once you have established the relationship with new and current retailers, you will take their order, enter it on the system, notify the warehouse, process it, receive payment, and do the after-sales and follow up.  Set reminders for backorders and for sales follow-up.  


You will work the in’s and out of SEO, Google Ads, FB/Insta Ads, Targeting, and more.


Local- You will submit orders to the warehouse, track their pick and pack, inform the customer of tracking, and update any other event.

Global- You will be exposed to global logistics, how to import/export product,s and how to manage a network of 3 warehouses located in China, Europe, and USA

The software you will master:

After your experience in Cloudnola, you will be able to be a key contributor to any wholesale or retail company, but even more important you will have all the tools to start your own company!

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