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Machine learning and AI internship position at dit bedrijf!

Functie Machine learning and AI stagiair
Opleidingsniveau HBO Associate Degree, HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master, WO-Bachelor, WO-Master
Locatie Wijk bij Duurstede
Uren per week 32 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar per Januari/Februari 2022
Stageduur 4 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage, Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding In overleg
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We are dit bedrijf, a fast growing and well-funded start-up developing smart lighting and building systems. We were founded 3 years ago with a mission to deliver smart building technology at a far lower cost-price by integrating all required technology in the lighting (see here for a summary of what we do). Since our start we have been moving very fast, having closed partnerships with multiple large global lighting companies, global leading smart building portal providers and a wide range of leading sensor providers.

Our technology is currently rolled out in the [UMC-Utrecht][https://dit] and other leading projects. We have been widely recognized in the global and national media and have been nominated for multiple global awards as a leading Proptech start-up.

To have access to the best global talent our development team is organized fully remotely and is situated all around the globe. We would like to grow a geographically concentrated technical core team in the Netherlands consisting of a combination of technical support, testing, core development and system administration. To ensure we have access to highest quality of technical talent in the Netherlands we are opening our organization for several internship positions. As a start-up we have always a very long backlog of projects we would really like to initiate, but for which we might not have the resources right now, we are therefore pretty confident that based on your interests we can define a very interesting internship position for you working on one of our upcoming roadmap items.

We currently have several open internships on a diverse range of machine learning/AI topics, within this position you will on solving real-life problems that need to be robust under the noise present in the real-world. We always shape the exact assignment on the needs of your specific internship, but potential assignments could include:

We are looking for candidates that have significant mathematical baggage, specifically statistics and linear algebra and that have deep understanding of AI algorithms (you are able to implement them yourself from scratch, not just apply them as a blackbox) and know the leading AI libraries that are out there and how to use them.

You will be receiving day to day coaching and learning from one or multiple of our senior staff members, including our CEO who has a MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Cum Laude) himself and some of our other senior staff members with Phd’s in computational physics or MSc in computer science from leading universities (Cambridge).

Do you want to get your foot in the door in working in a leading-edge start-up and do you want to experience working with the latest technologies and development methodologies used in the industry?

No matter your educational level we are looking for candidates that can show they are at the top of their class and have the dedication and drive to reach the top of their abilities. Get in contact and let us know your interests and requirements for an internship and let’s see if we are a match.

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Deze vacature is geldig tot 28-2-2022