Develop Marketing Strategy & Introduction of new global Platform


Functie Marketing
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Locatie Eindhoven
Dagen per week 5
Stageduur 4 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Werkervaring
Stagevergoeding In overleg
Salaris opmerking In overleg Periode is bespreekbaar stagevergoeding range:Onbekend
Huidig opleidingsjaar 4


<em>Build your experience with differentiating business models till market introduction &ndash; Launch of a new global platform</em><br /><br />MyHomeServices b.v. is a startup that will improve your digital home experiences and reduce the growing complexity. We will launch a very ambitious global platform enabled with a portfolio of Apps, like improving your gaming experience or video evening with friend&rsquo;s experience.<br /><br />We are looking for smart, enthusiastic Business model, Marketing &amp; Communication talent to prepare the introduction of digital home experience improver&rsquo;s platform. <br /><br />You will have the possibility to prepare and introduce from the idea till the launch. You will build a good experience for the next step in your study and career.<br /><br />We look for the right business model, marketing &amp; communication capabilities:<br /><ul><li>Analyze and enrich portfolio of business models</li><li>Develop &amp; align marketing &amp; communication strategy</li><li>Develop &amp; align marketing &amp; communication plan</li><li>One of more Introductions, test quality of the plan </li><li>Eager to learn new marketing &amp; communication approaches and tools</li><li>Fluent, very good English communication and writing skills</li></ul><strong>Interested. </strong><br /><br />Please contact me when you are driven to prepare business model(s) and launch a global platform that will change the digital home situation!<br />Website will be launched in July and we creating at the moment <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:HyphenationZone>21</w:HyphenationZone> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent> <w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText>false</w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText> <w:DoNotPromoteQF/> <w:LidThemeOther>NL</w:LidThemeOther> <w:LidThemeAsian>X-NONE</w:LidThemeAsian> <w Studiejaar in overleg


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Over dit bedrijf

Dienstverlener dat een wereldwijd platform ontwikkeld om de ervaringen, beleving en fun van de digitale thuis situatie verbeterd

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