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Hi-Tec start-up looking for a "Social Expert"

Functie (Graduation) internship Social Marketing
Education level HBO
Location Amsterdam
Dagen per week 4
Beschikbaarheid Vervuld
Stageduur 1 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage
Stagevergoeding In overleg


To meet modern demands and criteria for cyber security, dit bedrijf offers dedicated services for securing companies from network level malware infections on all of their endpoints, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

For the latest project on cyber security our development team is looking for a tech-orriented online & social expert to develop and implement the strategy and tools.

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Over dit bedrijf

Dit bedrijf offers various solutions and services around network infrastructure, video and content delivery. With innovative, smart and deeply integrated software and hardware solutions, we deliver...

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