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International Business / Marketing / Sales / Entrepeneurship intern

Functie International Business / Marketing / Sales / Entrepeneurship intern
Education level HBO
Location Amsterdam
Dagen per week 3, 4 of 5
Beschikbaarheid Vervuld
Stageduur 3 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage , Werkervaring
Stagevergoeding In overleg
Salaris opmerking see description
Huidig opleidingsjaar 3


Please read 1. the company profile, 2. general description for interns, 3. specific tasks and 4. intern requirements. 1. Company profile Some people get out of bed because of corporate control, competition with colleagues at the copier and a contract with a company.
We do because of a cosy coffee corner, contribution to colleagues in the country and conviction in a community.
We end the day cause of corporate consumptions, a coke or corona with colleagues or to connect with other contacts at a concert.

about Interlinguals:
Interlinguals is a unique company offering a unique internship. Interlinguals is a young internet startup with an innovative approach to working together, community building, attention to the interns and life during and after working hours! We set ourselves the goal to become the global marketplace for language study. This online and offline community connects anyone who wishes to learn a language to anyone who teaches a language. So any student, business person, traveler or lover who wants to learn or improve a language (Interlinguals student) can take lessons with private independent individuals (Interlinguals teachers) or an established partner institution (Interlinguals language school). The lessons can take place in the student's or teacher's home or home town, online or abroad.

As an intermediate party we work together with people from all over the world, with all kind of cultural, linguistic, educational and professional background! As we just 

Just check out how different Interlinguals is in the description. If you get a good feeling about it, then we are probably a great match and you should get in touch! The company language is English, but we expect multilingual and you are welcome to bring another language to our team! 2--General description for interns (the IT tasks are covered after this-- Interlinguals understands that an internship is a two-way offer rather than getting cheap labour for uninteresting tasks. 
We want to offer an internship with high level of attention to the intern's objectives, creating relevant work experience, while having a good time during and outside work. This includes a clear comprehension of each others needs with a clear structure (and reasonable room for improvement), mutual respect and genuine guidance before, during and after the internship, including the requirements set by your educational institution. Interlinguals works on motivating, fun and comfortable work spots rather than old-fashioned offices
Good coffee, nice teas, music, lounge seats rather than a boring office with bad light and cubes.
As we are in the process of natural light (including meetings on a terrace outside or in the park when the weather allows!), coffee places, flexible work spots, 

Interlinguals believes that reaching mutual goals is more important than policing working hours
We think that working the same hours as a team is beneficial to build up the team spirit and cause it motivates to keep a certain structure. If however you have personal needs to derive from normal office hours or days we are open to discuss the possibilities if we do believe it helps you to fulfill your internship and our company goals.

The Interlinguals team helps you rather than expects you to be a perfect. 
In finding you a place, get to know the city, meeting fun & interesting people during and after work instead of getting mad at you because you start 20 minutes late on a Monday after a rough weekend or because your flight is delayed. Of course all is within boundaries. If both your and our goals are met - which we would like to consider the same goals - everybody's happy!

Interlinguals sees its work more as fulfilling a task in a fun and dedicated way rather than a tiresome job for which you need to motivate yourself for to get out of bed for.
Although you might need to set an alarm since you had a fun night with your flat mates, colleagues or whatever, the reason to get out of bed should more be the desire to realize your goals, dreams and a fun working atmosphere than the fear of an angry boss pointing at his watch! We believe that motivation to work comes from intrinsic desire to achieve a goal, to set new boundaries, to reach your individual needs as part of a group.

Interlinguals sets goals based on a successful community rather than just financial targets.
This means that reaching goals like the growing numbers of community members and matches amongst them, member satisfaction and loyalty, attendance of community events, completion of booking system, promotion campaigns, individual goals in your area and yes, there are financial objectives too. Like any organization, we do realize that money is important for the survival of the company and our interns can use some too for their monthly bills, traveling and fun things. We do offer stipends (bonuses) connecting to your individual, team target and corporate profit. Our objective is to build up a successful community together in a healthy company so that we can all profit from it personally, professionally, financially and educationally! 

Interlinguals offers an ear, time and money for your ideas rather than forcing you to follow strict orders that you don't believe in.
Although offering a basic structure where needed, Interlinguals wants to listen to your input and let you try out things in your field. We believe that anyone has certain talents by nature and can develop skills. Your internship is your time to build up experience and confidence, to try things out and to develop professionally and personally. We like to discuss ideas you may have and offer the possibility to realize them, including making mistakes. 

The Interlinguals approach is innovative, daring, fun and professional 3.0!  
As you might realize by now, also our approach to internal & external contact, corporate strategy, promotion campaigns, lip dubs, videos, events, etc. is a team thing, creative and cool!

Interlinguals wants to be generous rather than just profiting from its people as office slaves and an extra income being a real part of the team (incl. webpage, business cards, email address), giving you a warm welcome, free use of company services, gym subscription, meetings in cool places, drinks, team & community parties, depending on strategy & team: team trips and of course great references in the unexpected but possible event that you'd decide not to continue working with us! We want to invest in long-term relationships based on trust, knowing what we can offer each other now and in the future rather than an impersonal quick contact using someone. If we are happy with each other after the internship period, we'd love to offer you a paid position of your choice. 

3. --Specific Tasks-- Set up marketing campaign inside team targeting language teachers, students, schools & material providers. -plan & execute promotions (in team) at universities in Holland, Europe, North-America, Latin America, (South-East) Asia, the Middle East & Oceania. -join fairs for teachers, students and schools -set-up and join events (plan, prepare & organize location, drinks, invitations, follow-up contact) -discuss & organize cool promotional activities such as flash mob, other videos for youtube, facebook, linkedin, twitter and live events -participate in contact with teachers, students, schools and material providers in Amsterdam, Holland, Europe and worldwide. -join meetings / negotiations / participate in contact with schools. material providers and local / national / European authorities. -(assist in) making brochures for schools, material providers -make flyers, posters and creative promotional material for teachers and students (to build-up the community). We are not really thinking about boring pens or caps but to create real cool stuff that everyone will talk about! -participate in daily team meeting and brainstorm (office / coffee place / hotel lobby / on the road/water -join on trips inside Amsterdam, Holland, Europe if applicable. -(create and) order business cards for yourself and the rest of the team -help create and edit youtube channel, facebook group, linkedin page, twitter account -help create welcome email, newsletter, promotional communication -assist team (IT / content / creative / management): -assist in IT / web design (light IT activities, including web design, SEO and creating pages) and give input in team meetings -assist in writing / editing web pages, facebook, twitter and dit bedrijf blog as much as you can and like to do. Also, writing it in your native language would help! -assist in creative activities (related to lay-out for website, videos, social networks, flash-mob, wicked promo material, logo design, events, team meeting locations, parties, etc.)

  1. Specific requirements intern: We are looking for an intern that would like to work in this young, dynamic, international and fun team. In Amsterdam, but we can discuss the option to work from another location (partially or completely). Are you studying International Business / Marketing / Communication / PR  or any related studies or/and do you think that you are up for this internship with another background, please let us know - we can discuss anything! If interested or in case of quesitons, feel free to contact us through Stageplaza. As the ideal candidate can start on Sep 1st, we hope to receive your application before August 1st. When you need to start before, please let us know! We will try to deal with your application in max. 5 working days. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


  • see Specific Tasks

Gewenste profiel

  • see Intern requirements

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  • see General description for interns

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