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Internship algorithm improvement optimization cash point management

Functie IT-medewerker
Education level WO
Location Amsterdam
Dagen per week 4 of 5
Beschikbaarheid Vervuld
Stageduur 5 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage
Stagevergoeding € 350
Salaris opmerking bruto per maand
Huidig opleidingsjaar 4


Scope of the internship:

Transtrack is looking to improve its current algorithm that is used for the optimization of cash machines like ATM's, retail deposit terminals and coin deposit machines. The current algorithm is described in the appendix. The algorithm uses several factors to determine the optimized order. The algorithm looks in detail at the characteristics of the cash point and the cash inside, but the logistical capabilities and constraints are limited.


The forecasting functionality makes use of historical data of cash issuing and depositing for any type of cash point such as an ATM, cash deposit terminals, a bank branch, a retail deposit safe and a night-deposit safe. A trend is determined in terms of a weekday pattern, a month pattern and a seasonal pattern. The optimization functionality takes the decision on the date and amount of the best order.

For this decision making process the following settings are being used:

  • Costs: interest, service (cash centre and CIT);
  • Accessibility: Closing periods, opening times;
  • Process specifics: Order lead time, Grouping of cash points;
  • Cash point specifics: insurance limits, cassette & machine configuration, thresholds, events.

The best order determined by the functionality is forwarded to the Order Management (OM) module for further approval and processing.


  • Investigate the possibilities to improve the optimization by adding:
  • Logistical limitations like number of vehicles, crew members, opening times
  • Integration with a route optimization tool (based on the Dijkgraaf-algorithm) or by developing a Dijkgraaf based solution within the FO module itself
  • Further improvement in the geo-grouping functionality
  • Adding recycler (cash in/out) support to the software in terms of a design
  • The total costs per cash point can be minimized by adding these extra steps in the decision on the orders to be executed.

Gewenste profiel

  • The internship is on a MSc level. Transtrack is looking for a student with in-depth Mathematical knowledge combined with a feeling for Logistics and IT.

Wat bieden wij

  • Professional internship supervision
  • Informal and pleasant work environment

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Over dit bedrijf

Transtrack is a global software vendor for logistical and supply chain software in the field of cash. Typical customers of Transtrack are central banks, commercial banks and cash-in-transit compani...

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