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Investment Officer Renewable Energy Africa, Start-ups and Scale-ups

Functie Investment Officer
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Locatie Den Haag
Dagen per week 4 of 5
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Stageduur 4 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage , Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding In overleg


About us

dit bedrijf is an investment and consultancy set up in 2014 to make the world a better place through investments and consultancy mainly around renewable energy. It is run by Diederik Wawoe, Msc. who has a background in the energy sector and worked for Shell for 19 years among other places in Gabon and India.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a well-organized and analytical intern investment officer (IIO). The objective of the job is twofold: to build-up our company's investment portfolio in renewable energy in Africa and to seek funding for renewable energy start-ups and scale-ups in Europe.

Responsibilities Renewable energy Africa

  • Identify key themes in renewable energy funding in Africa to provide more people and businesses in Africa with renewable energy.
  • Translate theses key themes into working business models based on presented opportunities and new opportunities.
  • Translate these business models in funding proposals for financial institutions in Europe.
  • Send the funding requests to financial institutions, receive feedback, provide developers with feedback and file the feedback.
  • Build-up and maintain relationships with financial institutions and renewable energy project developers.

Responsibilities Financing Start-ups and scale-ups

  • Maintain the overview of funding requests for start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Analyze the requests in terms of bankability and potential interests from funding partners.
  • Translate the funding requests into bankable proposals if required.
  • Send the funding requests to financial institutions, provide start-ups and scale-ups with feedback and file the feedback.
  • Build up and maintain relationships with financial institutions, start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Identify key themes in funding start-ups and scale-ups in renewable energy: what combinations of factors make a proposal attractive and how can we as a company serf start-ups and scale-ups and financial institutions better to create win-win relationships.

Responsibilities general

  • Establish an effective and well-organized investment processes.
  • Write clear and well-informed investment recommendations based on thorough research and analysis.
  • Organize regular investment reports and reviews.
  • Attend regular meetings with some of our partners.
  • Perform regular administration duties of all investment files.
  • Help manage and uphold current relationships.


  • Strong interest in renewable energy and energy transition.
  • An analytical mindset.
  • Excellent relationship skills.
  • Ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty.
  • Strategic thinker and proficient in decision-making.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and in a professional manner in English and Dutch (and French if possible).
  • Someone who is available for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Commitment to good governance and ethical business practices. dit bedrijf has a zero-tolerance policy on corrupt business practices. We do support companies that engage in corruption and we terminate relationships with businesses where we discover a misalignment of values.

Note: a Confidentiality agreements will be part of the internship agreement between you and the company

What we offer

  • Ability to build-up a network with financial institutions and companies in renewable energy
  • An environment where you can learn and develop your skills
  • Possibly the ability to travel to Africa (also depending on your interests)
  • Internship compensation

The work location will be discussed and also depends on where you are located.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss your interests in this position and whether you would be a good fit.

D.P. Wawoe, Msc. CEO and Founder CEO@dit bedrijf.nl

Appendix: So what will you do on a day-to-day basis?

Initially I will introduce you to a few companies I work with. On the technology side I will introduce you at least to SolarTechno. On the financial side I will introduce you to Peregrine M & A and Guideplus. These three companies are my key partners. You will receive information about potential projects in Africa and their status and about start-ups and scale-ups looking for financing. You will be required to fulfill some back-office task such as making overviews of the opportunities, building and maintaining the web page and making posts for linked-in to attract more interested parties. Through (literature) research you will discover key themes around the financing challenges we face for our projects and companies we work with. Later we will work on financial proposals both for renewable energy for Africa as well as for the start-up and scale-ups and submit them to financial institutions. We will discuss these with financial institutions and with our partners. With the feedback we either proceed with negotiations with companies and financiers to close a deal or we may provide the companies or projects looking for financing with some feedback e.g. on how they can improve their sales pitch or project. During all these activities there will be a possibility to engage with me both on an operational level i.e. about what needs to be done as well as well as on a strategic and personal development level, i.e. about where we are heading as a company as well as how I can prepare you for your future life in business. Finally, as you move towards the end of the internship you capture key learnings, identify key themes (possibly in a report) and write recommendations for implementation of the key learnings.

Needless to say: this i s what I think will happen however my company is in a state of flux and change is the only constant.

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