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Research en development

Functie Software Engineer
Education level HBO
Location Rotterdam
Dagen per week 5
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Stageduur 4 - 5 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage , Werkervaring
Stagevergoeding Zie salaris opmerking
Salaris opmerking 350
Huidig opleidingsjaar 3


Alle games en virtuele trainingen die we ontwikkelen worden continu verbeterd met nieuwe functionaliteit en afgeleide producten. Een aantal componenten lenen zich voor stage- en afstudeeropdrachten van studenten Informatica, Maritieme Techniek, Natuurkunde en Wiskunde.

We kunnen altijd getalenteerde game engine programmeurs gebruiken om het huidige team te ondersteunen. (Specifieke kennis: 3D C++, C# programmeren)

Sea Trails

Sea trials are an important tool to measure the manoeuvring characteristics of a ship. In a simulator we do virtual sea trials. This assignment includes the automated analysis of the sea trial data and automatically adjusting the ship’s parameters to match the sea trial results more closely to a given target. You will have to use ‘big data’ to create a machine learning algorithm. This assignment is available as a graduation project for HBO and University students.

VR Virtual Reality is growing and getting more and more affordable. dit bedrijf is part of the early adopters and wants to extend its usage of VR. This assignment includes researching how VR can be more useful within NAUTIS and RescueSim. For this small prototypes will have to be made. Currently in NAUTIS we can use a VR HMD as a binocular. Since in NAUTIS you are often on a replica bridge with multiple persons, steering a ship with physical controls, wearing an HMD without seeing the actual controls will make it difficult to operate the ship. Also, third party devices like radars and electronic charts can at the moment not be operated using VR. Perhaps this can be solved by using markers and a camera on the HMD. The goal of VR would also be to replace the physical replica, but still having the physical controls and real radar for example. In RescueSim the trainee is a virtual character. Here other questions arise. How can a fireman use his virtual equipment or operate virtual panels? How can he move around a large area? How to prevent motion sickness? Teleporting when training with multiple people would break some time constraints. How to walk stairs or interact with the environment? Develop different movement methods and see which one is most appropriate. Another interesting problem arises when aiming a gun. This could be in a cave or in a 360-degree spherical projection as well. The gun’s position and orientation will have to match exactly to hit the target the trainee was aiming at. This assignment is available as a graduation project for HBO and University students.

IA traffic dit bedrijf has an extended AI framework mostly used for crowds. In some training scenarios road traffic is very important. Vehicles do have some different constraints and behavior. Unlike crowds, cars have a clear acceleration and deceleration. Cars have to drive in the right line, take roundabouts in the correct direction and keep sufficient distance. They can switch lanes to overtake a slower vehicle or to sort at a junction. If an emergency vehicle is coming, cars have to clear the way, even if that means moving outside of their lane. The emergency services can close lanes or do full roadblocks. It should also be possible to simulate traffic jams and vehicle formations. Last but not least, vehicles have to stop for pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. And if ground vehicles are not challenging enough, think about aircraft taxiing towards the runway. This assignment is available as a graduation project for HBO and University students.


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  • - HBO of Universitaire opleiding Computer Science of Informatica

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