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Student #1076981 - HBO International Business

Zeewolde 24 jaar — Vrouw

Ik beschik over een rijbewijs , maar beschik niet over een auto.


Opleiding International Business (4e jaar)
Schoolnaam Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Aanvang opleiding September 2014
Verwachtte afstudeerdatum Februari 2021
Stagesoort Afstudeerstage
Stageduur 20 weken
Dagen per week 4 dagen per week

Stage- en werkervaring

Supply Chain and Customer Service intern
Februari 2020 - tot heden
Brussels, Belgium
At Henkel I am part of the supply chain team of the Benelux. Together with my co‐workers, we belong to the customer service part of the team and are responsible for the communication between the supply chain and the BeNeLux customers. My tasks include communicating customers about product availabilities, handling invoices, and establishing service‐level reports and non‐delivery reasons reports. To gather the data for the reports, I work closely together with the rest of the supply chain team. Next to that, I also provide support and follow‐ups within the portals of the customers and SAP.

Housing assistant
Hanze Hogeschool Groningen
Augustus 2019 - Oktober 2019
Assisted the International Service Desk of Hanzehogeschool with the housing department. Answered all housing‐related questions by email and was a representative at the international office to provide face‐to‐face advice as well.

Project/Program Budget Controller
December 2013 - Mei 2014
Within a project of the IT department of Philips, I was part of the report team, with the main focus on project costs. Together with my manager, I was responsible for gathering, charting and present data. Next to that, I was running the Daily report, Sector report, Savings report and Progress report, which I presented on management level.
For running the reports, I used Microsoft Office. As a result, I have a decent knowledge of Office. When there were any problems with running the reports, I took the initiative to solve them independently. Besides making reports, I also helped out the other teams of the project with decommission applications and import the application costs in the database.


HBO International business and economics (Gevolgd)
Hochschule Luzern
Februari 2018 - Juli 2018
This exchange semester at Hochschule Luzern is a part of the bachelor program on the Hanze University of Applied sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. In this semester, I broaden my knowledge on experiencing a different culture and courses such as product development and managerial economics.

Kennis, vaardigheden, eigenschappen


  • Microsoft Excel


  • Analyseren
  • Presenteren
  • Werken in teamverband


  • Ambitieus
  • Discipline
  • Flexibel
  • Optimistisch
  • Geduldig
  • Optimistisch


Moedertaal of tweetalig

Volledige professionele vaardigheid



Active Member at the International Business School Union, Groningen:
As an active member at IBSU, I organize and promote events and trips to create a community within the study to bring different students of different nationalities together and broaden their view on a business and social aspect.

Organiser Charity Ball at the International Business Union (IBS-U), Groningen:
In a team of two, we were in charge of organising the biggest event of the year of IBS‐U, a study association linked to the International Business School. The formal dance was held on an external location and money was raised for the Hanze foundation, a charity who promotes sustainable professional education and maintains a system of financial aid for students from developing countries.

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