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Student #1052234 - HBO Business and Environment

Mississauga 22 jaar — Man

Ik beschik over een rijbewijs , maar beschik niet over een auto.


Opleiding Business and Environment (3e jaar)
Schoolnaam None in Waterloo
Aanvang opleiding September 2016
Verwachtte afstudeerdatum December 2021
Stagesoort Meewerkstage
Stageduur 16 weken
Dagen per week 5 dagen per week

Stage- en werkervaring

Facilities Assistant
Oktober 2018 - December 2018
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Doing three main tasks; Facilities assistant, Maintenance assistant, and Human Resources Assistant, for a 200,000 square foot facility. The facility is a dynamic work environment, home to a startup incubator, metal foundry, chemistry labs, office space, etc.

I was responsible for many different tasks, in a laissez-faire work environment. Whatever I could get done I would do. I would write policy for Health and Safety, I would go around the facility and ensure all the safety functions were operational, I would assist with maintenance tasks such as caring for the grass and ensuring garbage isn't overflowing, moving items to and from storage, assisting with tenant issues, etc.


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I like to read, spend time outdoors; doing sailing, archery, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, tennis, rock climbing, etc. I like to play games, I enjoy watching movies. For sports, I used to do hockey as a child, but growing up I did a lot of fencing, and some karate. I have spent most of my time, when not at school, at the children's camp I went to as a kid. Working there has been my extracurricular activities for the past three summers or so.

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