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Student #1080742 - WO Media en Cultuur

Groningen 25 jaar — Vrouw

I am looking for a job or internship in the music industry, ideally in an organisation/scheduling or assistant position.

Ik beschik niet over een rijbewijs.


Opleiding Media en Cultuur (3e jaar)
Schoolnaam Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Aanvang opleiding September 2017
Verwachtte afstudeerdatum Juni 2020
Stagesoort Meewerkstage
Stageduur 20 weken
Dagen per week 4 of 5 dagen per week

Stage- en werkervaring

Production team/Artist handling
Assembler [platform] and Live Stream
Februari 2020 - Mei 2020
For the last course of my Bachelor's degree, my class and I were assigned with organising and creating a music event from the ground up. We were divided into a production team, promotion team, creative team, and management team; I was part of the production team where my tasks included searching for appropriate venues according to our concept and budget. However, halfway through the process the Covid-19 pandemic reached Groningen and our class had to rethink the concept and thus created an online platform instead, namely www.assemblerplatform.com. We conducted interviews with various artists and musicians, discussing their situation during the pandemic. As a grand finale we organised a live stream event at the venue De Loods, programmed a lineup of four DJs (headlined by Nathan Homan), and held interviews between sets with Menno Hazenoot and Marijn Nagel (both professionals of the music industry). Due to Covid-19 the number of attendees was kept to a minimum. My duties during the event consisted of artist handling and stage managing. I was in contact with the artists before and during the event, to make sure they had whatever they needed (catering, equipment, etc.) and that everyone was where they needed to be at the relevant time. Overall, the event was very successful (over 600 streams), and our entire team was able to receive various positive feedback from lay people and professionals alike.

Yasumi Sushi&Grill
Februari 2019 - Mei 2020
The employment at this all-you-can-eat restaurant included serving food to the guests and clearing their tables.

Flight Attendant
SWISS Int. Airlines
Augustus 2015 - Juli 2017
I worked as an international flight attendant in business class and economy class. During my time with the Swiss Air Lines I got to visit many countries across the globe and scratch the surface of experiencing their cultures during my layovers. This job trained my flexibility as I slipped into the roles of a waitress, bartender, cook, cleaning lady, conversation partner/therapist, baby sitter, nurse, and more, while also ensuring the passengers' safety. It further also trained my patience and threshold for strain while remaining professional.

Waitress and Bartender
Restaurant ZicZac
Augustus 2013 - Maart 2015
I was intermittently employed as a waitress and bartender over the span of two years. I was trusted to be working independently and knowing my duties, while also working well in a team. My work included regular days and nights, banquets of up to 300 people, and events (Oktoberfest, Halloween, World Cup etc.). I would either serve food and drinks, create and prepare an array of specific cocktails and alcoholic beverages, or prepare mis-en-place for the next day.

Theater Basel
September 2010 - Juni 2013
I worked as an usher alongside my high school education. I would interact with guests and ensure their well-being and comfort, answer questions, and check their tickets. If seats were left empty right before the performance I would be allowed to take those seats and experience the play, opera, or ballet, which I made use of quite frequently. It was my first proper job as a teenager which highly influenced my work ethic and taught me punctuality, professional appearance, a forthcoming attitude, and appropriate behaviour amongst various groups of people and situations.


WO media (Gestart)
University of Basel, Switzerland
September 2014 - Januari 2015
I studied English and media studies for one semester, participating in courses such as English literature, writing, linguistics, film analysis, and the theory and history of media.

Kennis, vaardigheden, eigenschappen


  • Android
  • Apple iMovie
  • macOS
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word


  • Administratie
  • Communiceren
  • Kritisch denkvermogen
  • Omgaan met kritiek
  • Omgaan met stress
  • Doelgericht werken
  • Luisteren
  • Logisch denkvermogen
  • Netwerken
  • Organiseren
  • Presenteren
  • Project Management
  • Rapporteren
  • Onderzoeken
  • Stressbestendig
  • Werken in teamverband
  • Time Management
  • Planmatig werken
  • Schrijven


  • Nauwkeurig
  • Ambitieus
  • Assertief
  • Zorgzaam
  • Vrolijk
  • Collegiaal
  • Communicatief
  • Concentratievermogen
  • Zelfverzekerd
  • Discipline
  • Empathisch
  • Flexibel
  • Vriendelijk
  • Doorzetter
  • Behulpzaam
  • Eerlijk
  • Gastvrij
  • Humor
  • Onafhankelijk
  • Integer
  • Loyaal
  • Open
  • Ruimdenkend
  • Optimistisch
  • Orderlijk
  • Geduldig
  • Praktisch
  • Proactief
  • Rustsig
  • Betrouwbaar
  • Verantwoordelijk
  • Sociaal
  • Spontaan
  • Leergierig
  • Teamspeler


Moedertaal of tweetalig

Professionele werkvaardigheid

Beperkte werkvaardigheid

Beperkte werkvaardigheid


Throughout my childhood and teenage years I participated in various extracurricular hobbies and activities:

Hello Helga (band) (2012-2013), with Serafin Aebli, Konstantin Aebli, Manuel Altorfer, and Robin Harmon.
School Band (2011-2013), under Sharon Harris at the Gymnasium Leonhard Basel.
Acting Role (extra) (2009), under Hans-Dieter Jendreyko in the play "Ein Sommernachtstraum".
Modern Dance (2006-2017), under Simone Cavin-Rownes at the Ballettschule Theater Basel.
Stage Acting (2006-2011), under Sonja Speiser, and Patrick Gusset at the Theater Basel.
Choir (2005-2012), under Susanne W├╝rmli at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.
Playing the lute (2002-2010), under Anne Bailes, and Agileu Motta at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.
Figure Skating (2002-2007), under Andrea Jost at the Eislauf Schule Basel.
Aural Theory (years unclear), under Paul Ragaz at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.
Classical Ballet (1998-2012), under Ise Leukern at the Tanzschule, and Julie Wherlock, Simone Cavin-Rownes, and Amanda Bennett at the Ballettschule Theater Basel.

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