Internship abroad

An internship abroad gives you a good reason to look beyond our country's borders. Besides learning a lot during your internship, it will also take you on a great adventure abroad. An internship abroad is adventurous, exciting, educational and great for your personal social development. You'll learn how to make it in a foreign environment and you'll make important international contacts. helps finding your internship abroad

In collaboration with partners from all over the world we can also mediate in international internships. With this personal mediation service we will arrange the following:

*Whether an internship remuneration and accommodation are offered differs per country. Please contact us to learn more about the conditions.

To sign up for this service we request an application fee of € 250,-, which shows your commitment to our mediation service. If we are unable to find an internship for you, or you do not find the offered internships interesting, or are unable to get approval from your school? No problem, we will refund the application fee. The application fee is the first part of the mediation fees. When you, your school and the internship company have agreed we will invoice you for the remainder of the fee. At this moment we offer mediation in the following countries:

Country of destination Package price
Netherlands Antilles € 550,-
South Africa € 550,-
Malta € 475,-
United Kingdom € 550,-
Canada € 1.125,-
India € 850,-
Thailand € 3.000,-
China € 700,-
Mexico € 700,-
Dominican Republic € 700,-

We would love to be of service to help you build your future. Let your international dream come true with personal mediation from

If you would like to sign up to our personal mediation, please register on and call 088 555 4000 free of charge or e-mail to