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R&D Internship at Regenerative Biomaterials

Functie Researcher
Opleidingsniveau HBO Associate Degree, HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master, WO-Bachelor, WO-Master
Locatie Nijmegen
Uren per week 32 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Vervuld
Stageduur 5 - 6 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage
Stagevergoeding In overleg
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Colloidal gels are particularly promising injectable biomaterials for tissue engineering due to outstanding properties. These gels are solely composed of colloidal nano/micro particles, which can be loaded or functionalized with different types of drugs or biomolecules. In our group, we have developed new colloidal composite biomaterials for treatment of bone diseases, e.g. bone cancer, bone infections. These promising findings sitimulate us to continue upscaling particles production in a controlled process and quality.


Internship assignments

To study the feasibility of scale-up process, we are looking for interns who can support us in the following tasks:

More specifically, your responsibilities:

Gewenste profiel

This internship encourages you to work with acedemia professionals, as well as industrial partners. Students with (organic) chemistry, chemical engineering, nano/micro-medicine, biomaterials, QA/QC background are prompted to apply.

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Deze vacature is geldig tot 28-2-2022