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Intern: Social Media Manager / Online Marketeer in Nijmegen!

Functie Social Media Manager / Online Marketeer
Opleidingsniveau MBO niveau 3, MBO niveau 4, HBO Associate Degree, HBO-Bachelor, HBO-Master
Locatie Nijmegen
Uren per week 20 - 40
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar per Juni/Juli 2022
Stageduur 2 - 12 maanden
Stagesoorten Afstudeerstage, Meewerkstage
Stagevergoeding € 300 - 400
Salaris opmerking Basic internship compensation + you can register yourself on LeadDyno to become an affiliate marketeer for the program yourself. If you generate sales for us, you generate also a commission for yourself.
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Hi there,

We are looking for a Social Media Hero (or hero's) to help us with designing and implementing our online marketing strategy.

In what business are we?

We are facilitating Culture Change Programs for large corporations for the last 20 years. The core of our services is bending the Unwritten Rules - the culture - in organizations. We now want to launch our new start up: the dit bedrijf program.

What is the dit bedrijf program?

CYC is an online personal development program to discover 🔎, assess🚦and change 🦋 Unwritten Rules at home to create a High Quality Life 💆🏼☀️\ Building a happy life is not always easy for people, for different reasons. With this program we help people to look at their lives and to create more happiness in all Life Areas: Self, Social, Health and Wealth.

…\ \ What the internship is about

The CYC online learning environment and sales funnel are ready (of course we are open to ways to improve it): now we need to start sharing our story out there and generate traffic and sales ;-).

If personal development excites you, you love to work with social media AND English is not a problem for you we look forward to hear from you. We are also very interested to listen to your ideas to bring this great program to the world.

Have a lovely day!

Johan and Anna from dit bedrijf


Improving the conversion of our salesfunnel by...

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Wat bieden wij

If all this excites you don't hesitate to get into contact with us.

NB: Johan and I are both Dutch but all online communication regarding this project is in English since we are targeting the international personal development market. So please, communicate to us in English if you are interested.

Creating Your Culture

Experienced professionals are launching a start-up ( We are looking for interns to help us with further designing and implementing the online marketing strategy.

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Deze vacature is geldig tot 31-7-2022