Interning at ESSD Consulting

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Company details

Industry Zakelijke dienstverlening
Company size Small (10-49)
City Amsterdam

About ESSD Consulting

ESSD consulting is an Amsterdam-based consulting firm for second-stage start-up development and international consumer brands seeking expansion in Europe. Specialized in introducing and driving consumer brands in the European market, essdconsulting conducts business in 7 European languages with detailed knowlegde on country specific culture and legislation. Our team members are international, sales and marketing driven multi-taskers and entrepreneurs. By partnering up with attorneys, accountants, web- and social media experts, essdconsulting provides an all-entailing, flexible infrastructure for brands and companies seeking to enter the European market. Currently the essdconsulting team works with the following projects: GreenBites, Vooray, JadynB, Little Unicorn, StrapStop, ESMAY, Mádara, Australian Bodycare etc.

Internships at ESSD Consulting

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