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Branche Food & Beverages
Stad Amsterdam

Over The Travelling Nut

Hi there,

How are you doing today?

Great that you've found your way to us.

So let me introduce us to you.

My name is Roy Lepoutre, owner and founder of a young Amsterdam based company called, The Travelling Nut.

I've been working in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years now, working with drinks for most of that time.

I've been collecting and playing out records for a long time and have organised music events for more than 10 years in and around Amsterdam.

It was there where I started my first company called BARENZO, producing the bars, in a more sustainable way at those events, with organisations like Gasten Zonder Grenzen and Shoeless/Alter Ego.

From there The Travelling Nut was born, we started to import the alternative drinks that we found in clubs in Berlin, and were serving at our parties and later on also sharing those drinks with bars and clubs we'd like to go to our selves in Amsterdam.

We now have a wonderful group of independent producers that we found over the years that makes amazing beverages ranging from organic craft soda's to natural cider, coconut water, craft beer, and such.
All 100% natural, as pure we can find it, produced under social and eco friendly conditions, but most important we work with hones people that we like and share other interests with, like music, art and food.

After 5 years of sharing these drinks into the markt, you can find our drinks at a great bunch of popular bars, cafe's, clubs, restaurants, yoga studio's, Crossfit boxes, specialty coffee shops, offices and so on in the Randstad but also in the bigger cities throughout The Netherlands.

Although we have our focus on gastronomy you can find our drinks also at the better specialty bottle shops and smaller retail like Marqt or STACH.

Have a look at our B2C webshop to get an impression of our range.

We're currently very busy with a new B2B concept, our webshop Kioskh, and much more where we could definitely needs some help with.

Check out our intern vacancy's and hope to see you soon!

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