Interning at NOMOBO Talent BV

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Company details

Industry TV / Muziek / Film / Theater
City Amsterdam

About NOMOBO Talent BV

NOMOBO is a full-service creative video agency specializing in best-in-class live broadcasts, virtual events, video content and digital experiences. We serve both corporate clients such as Salesforce, Gulfstream, Google, IBM, and Heineken alongside music events like Ultra, Awakenings, and David Guetta. In 2021 NOMOBO was shortlisted to the Top 250 Fastest Growing Dutch Enterprises alongside stalwarts like WeTransfer, Van Moof, Adyen, and but we are not stopping there!

We are a fast-growing scale-up. NOMOBO is rolling out a global network to support our global ambitions. We are a continuous learning team that strives for excellence in all that we do. You can feel the entrepreneurial energy of the start-up phase together with the ambitious and promising future of our company.

Internships at NOMOBO Talent BV

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