Good Jamu

Good Jamu
Branche Food & Beverages
Locatie Amsterdam, Nederland

Good Jamu stands at the confluence of tradition, empowerment, and modern wellness. Rooted in the rich Moluccan heritage of our owner, we are a testament to the wisdom of our ancestors and the healing prowess of ancient Indonesian herbal jamu. Our commitment goes beyond just beverages; we’re on a mission to make holistic health and wellbeing universally accessible, transforming what has often been seen as a luxury into an everyday choice for all.

Historically, the jamu tradition has been helmed by women – the unsung heroines of wellness and community nourishment. We proudly champion this female-led legacy, connecting it to our broader goal of introducing the benefits of jamu to the Western world. Our dedication to authenticity is unwavering; we prioritize sourcing ingredients directly from Indonesian farmers, embracing fair trade practices and integrating organic components like ginger and turmeric from Peru.

Join us at Good Jamu, where we celebrate heritage, promote women-led traditions, and embark on a journey to bring holistic wellness to people globally. #goodjamu