Digital Creative stage beschikbaar in Heerlen!

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Digital Creative stagiair
  • Wanneer
    Ingetrokken 8 - 37 weken 12 - 40 uur per week
  • Opleidingsniveaus
    MBO niveau 2 MBO niveau 3 MBO niveau 4 HBO Associate Degree HBO-Bachelor HBO-Master
  • Stagesoorten
    Afstudeerstage Meewerkstage
  • Salaris

At dit bedrijf we are looking for an Intern for the position of Digital Creative.  

At dit bedrijf online content is a key focus across all projects, engaging actively with our followers on various social platforms and we are currently searching for a Digital Creative. At dit bedrijf we collaborate as a team on diverse projects, such as large-scale murals, art exhibitions, collaborations and NFT releases. While managing our webshop …m, which offers original artworks, prints and merchandise, we also collaborate to work on new product releases. Our passionate team of 7 professionals includes Artist dit bedrijf, Managing Partner, Creative Director, Creative Assistant, Photographer and Videographer, Shop Manager, and Web Developer.

dit bedrijf is an international artist with roots in graffiti. He has been active as an artist for more than 20 years and travels the
around the world for his art projects. His work includes making large colorful ones
walls, paintings, sculptures, paper collages and NFTs. Dit bedrijf has an active online community of
built up fans on Instagram and Facebook.


As a Digital Creative within dit bedrijf you are versatile and the emphasis is on creating audiovisual content for various social media platforms. You will get started with, among other things: Editing product, travel and graffiti videos into ready-made content to post directly on various social media platforms;

  • Cut existing videos into new, fresh content;
  • Making new videos;
  • Create graphic designs in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop;
  • Creating banners and headers for product promo campaigns for the webshop;
  • Create graphic content for website, newsletters and social media in the correct formats;
  • Create layouts for printing

As a Digital Creative you are well able to familiarize yourself with the dit bedrijf corporate identity within a short time to translate into the required audiovisual content. You can deal well with ad hoc questions, you receive and you like to process feedback and you are enthusiastic. As a colleague you make a positive contribution to it working climate and the development of dit bedrijf as a company.

During your internship period you will have the opportunity to fully become part of our team, the company and to get to know the context in which we work. In consultation we determine how much you would like on location or want to work from home.

Gewenste profiel

You are able to work independently, you are driven, proactive, accurate, have good communication skills, honest and flexible.

  • You can edit images in Photoshop, export them for the web or prepare them for print.
  • You are able to use the correct formats for different media types.
  • You can create layouts for print work in InDesign, customize them and export them for print work.
  • You can export files to the correct file types (.png, .jpg, .tiff…)
  • Ideally, you have knowledge of and experience with the following software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign;
  • Being able to work with the following online tools is an advantage: Mailchimp, Shopify;
  • Being able to work with a content planning tool is an advantage;
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  • Cultuur en Kunst
  • Micro (1-9)
  • Heerlen, Nederland