Are you the Communications Expert that helps us facilitate sustainable transport for a better world? (Remote or in Haarlem)

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Communications Intern
  • Wanneer
    September 2024 18 - 26 weken 32 - 40 uur per week
  • Waar
  • Opleidingsniveaus
    HBO Associate Degree HBO-Bachelor HBO-Master WO-Bachelor WO-Master
  • Stagesoorten
    Afstudeerstage Meewerkstage
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Problem Statement Summary

dit bedrijf is the world’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to cleaner, safer and more effective humanitarian transport in developing nations.

Our members include (international) non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, Red Cross/Crescent organisations, commercial fleet operators and mobility product and service suppliers. Through professional fleet management, we help our members to deliver lifesaving and life changing aid to communities in need in a sustainable way.

Although we are good in day-to-day communication with our humanitarian members and stakeholders, strategic communication is lacking. In our strategy 2023 – 2028, entitled ‘Sustainable Transport for a Better World’ we have identified strategic communication as one of the enablers to realise our growth ambition.

In 2023, we made a first step with the development of our first ever communications strategy, with four key objectives:

  1. dit bedrijf will be seen as a hub for innovation, best practice and thought leadership and can demonstrate the impact this has for member organisations.
  2. dit bedrijf will be the expert partner of choice for humanitarian aid organisations seeking to improve and professionalise their fleet management.
  3. dit bedrijf will grow its knowledge network to draw on expertise and best practice from across its membership to provide a comprehensive resource for members.
  4. dit bedrijf will use its research, knowledge and networks to contribute to and influence better fleet management policy and operating environment for its members.

In 2024, we are looking for a self-steering professional to help operationalise our communications strategy.  And that is where you come in.

dit bedrijf is looking for an intern who can help us to implement our strategic communications plan that supports our growth ambition.


What you’ll be doing

In a nutshell, you will:

  • Draft a strategy implementation plan for 2024 – 2025 based on our comms strategy. We can use this as the basis to align on the actions you will start implementing during the internship
  • Structuring our communication activities so that it is aligned with the communications strategy and supporting the dit bedrijf brand
  • Collaborate with different team members to develop creative and engaging content for various platforms, including social media, articles, presentations and press releases
  • Develop the indicators and tools to monitor the implementation and success of the communications strategy.
  • Come up with creative communications concepts and products that support our growth ambition. This might include:
    • Proposing a new structure for our website that aligns with our communications strategy
    • Drafting press releases and social media posts to position the dit bedrijf Virtual Conference and Summit
    • Designing a media briefing pack for our GreenMe project to be sent to key sector media outlets with key stats, case study highlights and quotes from partner organisations
    • Revamped membership brochure to attract new members to the dit bedrijf member community
    • Testimonials of 2 consultancy projects that highlights dit bedrijf’s ability to help organisations set up their fleet functions and make tangible improvements in their fleet management
    • Development of template (for sharing of best practices, presentations etc.) that match the strategic objectives (demonstrate impact and show the ‘why’.

Outcome: Implement a strategy implementation plan that supports the dit bedrijf team in the realisation of our strategic ambition.

Gewenste profiel

The ideal candidate

You are at a minimum in your third year of a Bachelor or University study in Communications or a related study (Journalism, Business Communications, Intercultural communications). You might want to use the result of this internship as part of your bachelor or master thesis. You like the challenge of working independently and you have a knack for translating strategy into tangible products. Being precise, detail-oriented, disciplined and well-organised match your personality. You like to work in a virtual team with colleagues from all over the world. Working with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds gives you a kick. You are available for at least 6 months (full time), preferably starting in September 2024. You speak and write English fluently (C1). Interest in humanitarian affairs and / or logistics is a plus.

Wat bieden wij

What we offer:

1.     To conduct your internship in an international environment, supported by a dynamic team.

2.     Exposure to organisations that work in the most difficult situations to reach people in need.

3.     Flexibility; we expect you to be full time available for 6 months, but where you work, when you work and how you arrange this in your schedule is entirely up to you.

4.     Intern remuneration conform the standard of the country in which you follow your education.

dit bedrijf recognise that the dit bedrijf team with a wide range of backgrounds, each brings their own unique perspectives that shape and influence ways to be innovative and solve problems. Diversity improves decision-making and encourages people to be creative and hard-working. Diversity speaks about gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, impairment, education, or any other characteristic. It refers to the issues that make people different from one another. It’s not who people are, it’s the perspectives they bring to the table. We encourage people from all backgrounds and communities to nominate themselves.

Interested? Send your CV to

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Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum is a collaborative association that includes NGOs, international organisations, the United Nations, academic institutions, donors, and corporate partners. It is dedicated to the improvement of transportation performance in road safety, effectiveness, cost efficiency, and environmental impact in order to save lives, save money, and save resources.
Fleet Forum’s mission is to provide leadership and support to the aid/development and commercial transport sectors in low- and middle-income countries in the areas of road safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency. To achieve these objectives Fleet Forum acts as convener, solution provider, and leader. Fleet Forum convenes through bringing together organisations, resources, ideas, and influence. This is achieved through conferences, roundtables, and workshops, as well as representation at high-level forums and summits.
Fleet Forum provides solutions and tools that are standards-based. These include the tools like fleet management standards, fleet safety guides, toolkits, fleet analysis tools, development solutions, modular driver training, and a road safety game. Fleet Forum leads through innovation. This means the development of management systems, guidance in the implementation of programmes, working with agencies and suppliers to implement fleet safety and testing, commissioning studies, and creating sponsorships and partnerships.
The Board of Fleet Forum consists of representatives from the aid and development sector and the private sector: UNWFP, World Vision, GeoPost, UPS and Maersk.