Challenging feasibility study AI in legal consultancy in Amsterdam

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  • Wanneer
    Mei 2024 10 - 26 weken 32 - 40 uur per week
  • Opleidingsniveaus
    HBO Associate Degree HBO-Bachelor HBO-Master
  • Stagesoorten
  • Salaris
    € 500 per maand
    Salary in consultation in accordance with current standards.

This company is founded in 1978 and their core business is debt collection and legal consultancy for export credit insurance companies. The knowledge is in the minds of the employees. But to some extend also recorded in a fragmented manner in the existing CRM System and emails. The central question of this feasibility study is if and to which extent the data in the CRM system and emails can lead to a AI based knowledge management system.


This company is currently considering the following opportunities for the application of automation and AI

  • Smart text generator for emails, based on previous emails.
  • Automated recording in CRM system of customer communications, at least emails.
  • Customized wizard with tips and tricks (pitfalls, instructions per country).
  • Smart automated advice based on a self-learning system
  • e based on a self-learning system.

Gewenste profiel

  • Analysis of the current collection (recovery) processes. For example through interviews with users. 
  • Determining those (sub)processes that are eligible for automation and/or use of artificial intelligence. Program of requirements and wishes.
  • Inventory of longlist of automation options (software).
  • Research into the feasibility of the chosen options, such as quality, cost-benefits (business case), chance of errors and other risks, opportunities for extra customer value, etc.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Wat bieden wij

This company working worldwide with 100 international employees. You are working at the headquarter in Amsterdam in a team of specialists with knowledge of the industry, local legislation and regulations, case law, culture in many countries with native-speaking employees.

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  • Micro (1-9)
  • Amsterdam, Nederland