Make a real impact as a Data Marketer 🚀

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Data marketer intern
  • Wanneer
    September 2024 10 - 26 weken 32 - 40 uur per week
  • Opleidingsniveaus
    HBO Associate Degree HBO-Bachelor HBO-Master WO-Bachelor WO-Master
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About dit bedrijf

At dit bedrijf, we believe that healthy, happy and vital employees are key to successful organisations. That's why we offer a single platform where employees can work on personal healthy habits, and where organisations can support their challenges and initiatives. With our app, we help employees to actively work on their health and well-being, while HR managers gain insight into their employees' progress and data through our dashboard.

Wanted: The most motivated data marketer intern

As a Data Marketer Intern at dit bedrijf, you will be the link that transforms our target market data into cool marketing strategies. You will help us understand what our target audience; HR managers, want to see and hear and how we can best reach them. Your analytical skills and fresh ideas ensure innovation and growth and are actually used and applied by the marketing team, while you yourself learn a lot and gain experience in a growing and dynamic scale-up.


What will you be doing:

  • Data Analysis: Dive into our user data to discover trends and patterns that help us improve our marketing.
  • Reporting: We want to be inspired by your insights. Develop reports and dashboards that give us insights into the data and can lead to new ideas.
  • Campaign Optimisation: Help the marketing team create, monitor and improve marketing campaigns using data insights.
  • Strategic Advice: Provide smart advice based on your data analysis to make our marketing strategy even better.
  • Research: Conduct market research to spot new opportunities and understand how best to reach our target audience.

Gewenste profiel

After your internship, you will be able to:

  1. Create data insights: Within three months, you will have developed a set of standard reports that our marketing team uses on a weekly basis.
  2. Optimise campaigns: Analyse ongoing marketing campaigns and suggest improvements, leading to measurable results.
  3. Make strategic contributions: At the end of your internship, conduct research on market trends and customer behaviour, with concrete recommendations for our strategy.
  4. Dashboard development: Develop a dashboard for the marketing team that helps them track the impact of our campaigns.

Wat bieden wij

Why are we looking for you?

As a Data Marketer Intern, you will be our hero taking our marketing to the next level. You will work closely with the marketing team and help us make data-driven decisions. Your analytical skills and fresh ideas will be implemented and will be hugely valuable. Your input will ensure innovation and growth of the organization. You will learn a lot and be part of a young and dynamic team.

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  • Micro (1-9)
  • Amsterdam, Nederland